Diner Threatens to SLAP Steakhouse Owner over 12-Minute Wait

Diner Threatens to SLAP Steakhouse Owner over 12-Minute Wait

Photo: The Daily Mirror

A diner threatened to slap a steakhouse owner over a 12-minute wait to be seated.

According to The Daily Mirror, the unhappy customer sent a series of abusive messages to the manager of The Gatehouse Steakhouse in Wales.

The person said he was not “f***ing happy” about the wait, and would not let the complaint go despite admitting the food was “perfect.”

He became increasingly abusive even after the owner apologized, threatening to report him to TripAdvisor if he will not give money his back or a free meal.

The owner explained that the restaurant tried the best to stick to time slots. However, they were dealing with a huge surge of customers.

But the angry diner still would not back down, ranting: “Who the f*** u talking to u cheeky arrogant b*****d I’ll f***ing slap you if I ever see you. P***k.”

Photo: Facebook

The manager finally decided to take a swipe at him.

“I’m at the Gatehouse Steakhouse now should you wish to slap me… hands full making 5 kilos of coleslaw but can take a break,” he responded.

The restaurant later took to Facebook to share the bizarre exchange, branding the customer an “absolute spanner.”

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