DIY Human Steaks Meal Kit NOT Cannibalism, Makers Say

DIY Human Steaks Meal Kit NOT Cannibalism, Makers Say

Photo: Twitter

The makers of a “DIY meal kit” for growing steaks cultured from human cell samples assured that it is not cannibalism.

According to television channel Fox News, U.K.-based Design Museum nominated it for “design of the year.”

The team used research cells from the American Tissue Culture Collection to culture the meat.

They then grew the cells on a fungus scaffold in warm conditions for three months, feeding them with human serum.

Human steaks, as the resulting product, now preserved in resin and put on display at the Design Museum.

The designers said they developed the concept to highlight some of the current limitations with lab-grown meat.

Meanwhile, woman has served up possibly the strangest food hack yet: cooking steak in a toaster.

According to various reports online, the method left a number of people online horrified.

In a video posted on video-sharing app TikTok, Juliette placed two pieces of raw meat into the toaster to cook.

After she lightly toasted the steak, the woman then took the two pieces out, slathering one of them in sauce.

The post has amassed nearly 2 million views and thousands of comments on the platform.

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