DOGS Beat Cats as Britain’s Favorite Animal, Survey Shows

DOGS Beat Cats as Britain’s Favorite Animal, Survey Shows

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A recent study has showed that dogs is Britain’s favorite animal.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror, 51 percent of 2,000 respondents named the man’s best friend as their top pet.

Some 38 percent, meanwhile, preferred cats. Followed by the robin, horse and hedgehog in the top five.

Furthermore, the survey has suggested that 73 percent of Brits considered themselves as animal lovers.

The study also found that more than seven in 10 adults considered their furry, scaled and feathered friends to very much be a part of the family.

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Among the best things about having a pet were the affection they give and having their company.

However, four in ten people revealed that they do not currently have pets at home.

A lack of space was the top reason for not getting a pet, with those in London most likely to consider this a barrier.

In Yorkshire, 41 percent of those who want a pet said they cannot afford to give a furry friend a happy life.

It also emerged that for 27 percent of those polled dreamt of becoming a veterinarian when they were a child.

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