Elephant’s FRIENDSHIP With a Dog Goes Viral on Social Media

Elephant’s FRIENDSHIP With a Dog Goes Viral on Social Media

Photo: The Daily Sun

A baby elephant at Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park formed an unusual friendship with an adorable dog.

According to media company NDTV, a video of the two animals is winning hearts online.

It shows Yindee the baby elephant playing with a dog named Milo, giving a perfect dose of wholesomeness.

The footage resurfaced from 2015 after Indian Forest Services officer Susanta Nanda reposted it.

“Friends come in all size and shapes,” Nanda wrote as caption to the clip of the playful elephant chasing the dog.

The post has since amassed over 11,000 times and a ton of amused reactions over the friendship on social media platform Twitter.

Over in Pakistan, zoo officials organized a farewell party for lonely elephant Kaavan before he sets off for a new life.

According to various reports, Kaavan is finally set to be airlifted to an elephant sanctuary in Cambodia.

Well-wishers gathered at Islamabad Zoo with balloons and signs saying, “Farewell Kaavan, we will miss you.”

Children posed for photos then musicians performed in front of the enclosure, with Kaavan at one point serenaded.

Animal rights advocates and even pop star Cher campaigned to rescue him from grim conditions with no companion.

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