‘Embarrassed’ RACCOON Rescued From Georgia Home

‘Embarrassed’ RACCOON Rescued From Georgia Home

Photo: Facebook

A raccoon randomly broke into a home in Georgia, United States and then appeared unable to locate the exit.

According to news agency United Press International, firefighters responded to capture the “embarrassed” animal.

The City of Dalton Fire Department said it deployed some personnel to a Dalton home following the report.

“We responded to help this guy find his way back out of a house in Dalton Monday night,” it said.

They shared a photo of the raccoon using a paw to cover its face in a gesture reminiscent of embarrassment.

“As you can tell, he was pretty embarrassed about it, but it’s really nothing to be ashamed of,” it added.

Meanwhile, a wild raccoon went inside a house in Ohio, United States and then ended up sleeping inside a dishwasher.

According to various news reports online, it broke in the property through a bathroom light.

Homeowners called a police officer who immediately responded to the scene to addresss the issue.

Patrolman John Metzo found the bandit taking a well-deserved nap in the home’s dishwasher.

Metzo now has the name “absurd animal call officer” after previous encounters with a kangaroo and a cow.

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