Escaped DONKEY Wanders Along Rhode Island Road

Escaped DONKEY Wanders Along Rhode Island Road

Photo: United Press International

A driver spotted a loose donkey wandering along a busy road somewhere in Rhode Island, United States.

According to news agency United Press International, he captured the unusual pedestrian on a video.

Authorities in Johnston first spotted the donkey near the border with Scituate and again minutes later nearby.

Unfortunately, police officers have been unable to locate the wandering animal since then.

Over in Connecticut, police officers have captured a loose beefalo after a total of 250 days.

According to various news reports posted online, cops failed to nab it several times.

The animal, named Buddy, escaped from a trailer outside the Plymouth Meats processing facility last August.

Police then warned the public to keep a safe distance from the potentially aggressive bovine.

“The Plymouth Police Department is happy to announce the capture of the ever elusive Buddy the Beefalo,” they said.

Officers added that the capture was the result of a community effort from spotting and feeding him.

Meanwhile, authorities in Germany have warned residents about up to 25 monkeys that escaped from their enclosure.

Accordingly, the Barbary macaque monkeys ran loose from Loffingen zoo and wandered around.

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