Everyone Has Their Own Timeline

Everyone Has Their Own Timeline

Almost everyone in this world compares their lives to other people, we sometimes get jealous and envy them for having what we do not possess.

But in reality, those people that we think have a “perfect and luxurious life” are also people who have their own insecurity/insecurities.

They are also dreaming to have something and/or become their idol or someone they look up to.

everyone has their own timeline

Needless to say, we, human beings are sometimes ungrateful for what we have and what we are not, that we often forget the skills and talents that we possess that other people do not have.

No one is the same, even identical twins have their own differences because we are all diverse.

There are about 7 billion in the world and yet no one has matching DNA and thumb mark, which then proves that we are our own identity.

We do not need to rush to be successful and instantly have everything that we have always wanted as we have to go through things that will shape us and strengthen our character and core.


We have to learn lessons that will improve ourselves and how we deal with others and our time will come. Everyone will shine bright in our own ways and the chosen and destined path that is meant to be ours.

Because what is meant for you, will be for you and if you are experiencing difficulties and hardships at the moment, just remember that things will look up soon and that everything will pass.

Just trust the process and things will eventually turn out in your favor.