Experts Find Possible FINGERPRINT of Michelangelo

Experts Find Possible FINGERPRINT of Michelangelo

Photo: United Press International

Experts found a possible thumbprint of Michelangelo on a small wax statue that he created 500 years ago.

According to news agency United Press International, London’s Victoria & Albert Museum found the mark pressed onto a dark red figurine.

Titled “A Slave,” the figurine depicts a naked figure with an arm across its face.

“It is an exciting prospect that one of Michelangelo’s prints could have survived in the wax,” it said.

The proposed statue was just one of over 40 life-sized figures planned for the pope’s tomb.

Experts since believe that Michelangelo created the sketch model between 1515 and 1519.

Meanwhile, Raleigh museum in North Carolina now owns the fossil skeletons of two “dueling dinosaurs.”

Friends of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences acquired them with private funds.

The 67-million-year-old fossil pair consists of a remarkably preserved T. rex and an equally intact Triceratops.

The display, slated to open to the public in 2022, will then allow museum-goers to watch as staff examine the fossils of the dueling dinosaurs.

The multimillion-dollar skeletons were the subject of a court battle over who owned them after discovery in 2006.

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