Family in Florida Have 14 Bears on their Home!

Family in Florida Have 14 Bears on their Home!

We all know that bears are one of the greatest predators in this world. They always hunt for their prey. However, there’s a family in Myakka City, Florida who are taking care of bears for more than 90 years.

In the past 92 years, the Welde family is on the business of taking care of bears. They are certified to do it for their living. In fact, the family changed the name of their home into Bearadise Ranch.

The mother of the family, Monica Welde and his son Johnny, are spending their days playing with the huge creatures that are five times their size.

After Monica’s husband, the father of the bear habitat, died from a heart attack, Johnny did his best to support his mom and manage the Bearadise Ranch.

As of 2018, they have 14 bears on their ranch with distinct characteristics with each other. Monica assures the public that all the bears they have are safe and we don’t have anything to worry about them being abused.

The family is giving all their love and respect for those lovely yet gigantic creatures.

If you want to visit the bears and see their condition, you can check their website for more info on how to go there.