Firemen RESCUE Woman After Sinking Into Mud Near Beach

Firemen RESCUE Woman After Sinking Into Mud Near Beach

Photo: UPI

A woman from Boston, Massachusetts tried to take a shortcut to the beach and ended up trapped from some deep mud.

According to news agency United Press International, the incident happened while they took a walk.

Camille Coelho said she and her son’s dog, Lucy, walked on Constitution Beach in East Boston to find sea glass.

Coelho then decided to take a shortcut through what appeared as gravel but turned out as mud.

“I was trying to cut through the gravel to get to the beach. And it was not gravel,” she shared in an interview.

Witnesses called firefighters to the scene and they put a ladder down on long boards to reach Coelho and Lucy.

Authorities said the woman and the dog did not suffer any injuries from the incident.

Meanwhile, a British man in Bali has finally been rescued after being trapped in a well for six days.

The rescue team lifted Jacob Roberts from the four-meter deep concrete pit after a farmer found him inside the well.

Gede Darmada, local and search and rescue chief, said a local passing by near the well heard the man’s help.

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