Forests of the World are Being Destroyed in the Past 40 years

Forests of the World are Being Destroyed in the Past 40 years

The WWF is pleading to the leaders of the world to declare an environmental emergency.

Our natural ally in climate change is being destroyed. The forests of the world are damaged or destroyed by 53% in a span of over 40 years.


We, mankind is killing the Earth’s greatest natural defense with our fight against climate change.

The organization is pleading on world leaders to create something to stop the climate breakdown, restore and preserve nature and fix food systems.

Based on the first-ever global evaluation of forest biodiversity, the main cause of the crisis the people. Almost 60% of the world’s population are threatening the forests and the animals in it.

The report of WWF and ZSL, ‘Below the Canopy’, reveals the drops of wildlife in tropical forests specifically the  Amazon rainforest.

forests of the world are getting destroyed

This forest has the most wildlife in the world. If we do not do something, we can lose it.

The population of the birds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles have decreased dramatically. The total number of loss is about 53% between 1970 and 2014 based on the recent report.

We must all unite in protecting and restoring the forests if we are going to have a global plan. 

What is the Job of the Forests?

WWF strongly expounded that the forests are the home of more than half of the world’s land-based animals. They also added that these animals are essential to the health of Earth.


The job of these forests is to absorb the harmful greenhouse gases.

“When wild animals are lost from our forests, it means that the health of the forest is severely declining. The livelihoods of the people who depend on forests will be affected and our chance to lessen the climate disaster is likely to be affected too.”

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

If there are no deforestation and forest degradation today, 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions can be lessened.

bridge in nature

The latest report about our forests is a wakeup call to the heads of state to make an action immediately.

They need to develop a new global agreement at the 75th UN General Assembly meeting next year in which they are expected to create a 10-year target for the Convention on Biological Diversity.

“Forests are compound systems that depend on the wildlife that lives in them, and the rapid decrease in forest animals in the past decades is a crucial warning sign.

“Forests are our utmost natural ally in the fight against climate collapse. We lose them at our hazard.

“We need global leaders to announce a global emergency and jumpstart a worldwide program of recovery to keep our forests standing to preserve our planet.”

Will Baldwin-Cantello, a WWF forests specialist

Make a Change Individually


The crisis that our planet is experiencing may be a global phenomenon. But we can still do something as a citizen of our world we live in.

Let’s all try our best to use eco-friendly products and take care of our environment.

We can also join different organizations to volunteer in planting trees and other environmental campaigns.

volunteers for forests restoration

Our contribution as an individual may be small, but if we combine it all together, we can make a difference.

Let’s share this alarming report to your social media accounts especially with your friends and family.

global unity

Even with just a simple share, we are also helping our planet by raising awareness of the current status of the forests of the world.