France Gives Teens €300 for CULTURE PASS

France Gives Teens €300 for CULTURE PASS

France Gives Teens €300 for CULTURE PASS
Photo: BBC

France recently gave the 18-year-olds a culture pass worth €300. This is in line with the government’s efforts to promote awareness and cultivate appreciation for the arts.

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Reports said the recipients can use the allowance to buy tickets to the cinema, museum, and theater. They can also use it to buy books, art materials. Further, they can also use this as an additional fund to enroll in dance and instrument classes.

The money can also be used for Netflix subscriptions, Amazon, and Deezer.

The said effort was said to be part of the 2017 presidential campaign of now French President Emmanuel Macron. Earlier this year, the President went on TikTok and launched the culture pass policy. 

Based on the measure, 18-year-olds are eligible to receive €300 to spend on music, film, books, and even video games, within two years. What’s better is that there are no commitments in order to get the stipends. However, providers must be from France.

To receive the money, users need to download the “culture pass” app. It also includes exhibitions, concerts, and other cultural events where they can use the money. 

France Gives Teens €300 for CULTURE PASS

Meanwhile, the government also plans to run the same policy for schoolchildren by 2022, wherein they will receive €200 for the same cause.