Gandhi’s Ashes Stolen on his 150th Birthday

Gandhi’s Ashes Stolen on his 150th Birthday

Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were stolen from his memorial tomb during his 150th Birthday. Additionally, the thieves also defaced his portrait. In particular, thieves wrote in green paint the word traitor across his photo.

The caretaker of the shrine mentioned that it was a shameful act by the thieves. Furthermore, he narrated the events leading to the finding of the theft. According to the caretaker, he opened the gate of the shrine early morning. However, when he returned at 11 PM, he found the mortal remains missing and poster defaced.

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The Local Congress of the area has already called for a swift investigation on this matter. Furthermore, they mentioned that this has to stop. Essentially, authorities are now racing against time to find the thieves who did this blatant yet irrelevant act.

Gandhi’s revolution led to India’s independence

Mahatma Gandhi’s peaceful revolution against British colonial rule divided the Indian nation decades ago. Apparently, Gandhi’s stance on Hindi-Muslim relations did not sit well with extremists at the time. However, Gandhi gained extreme recognition and praise outside his nation. Unfortunately, his fellow countrymen did not share the same sentiment. Additionally, despite being a devout Hindu, some people saw him as a traitor. Evidently, this divide still figures in the country to this day.

Apparently, Gandhi led a series of hunger strikes throughout his life long protest against British colonial rule and Indian independence. Accordingly, his longest hunger strike lasted for 17 days straight. Widely considered as the Father of the Nation, Gandhi still polarizes Indians to this day.

Following the Hindu tradition, Gandi’s remains were cremated. In honoring his request, different shrines throughout the country received portions of his ashes. Unfortunately, no one can exactly confirm how many portions these were divided into.

A Hindu extremist killed Mahatma Gandhi in 1948. He was 78 years old.