German Cops Warn Residents About Loose MONKEYS

German Cops Warn Residents About Loose MONKEYS

Photo: Pixabay

Police authorities in Germany have warned residents about up to 25 monkeys that escaped from their enclosure.

According to news agency United Press International, the Barbary macaque monkeys ran loose from Loffingen zoo.

Zookeepers have since launched several unsuccessful attempts to recapture the primates.

Initial investigation states that a construction work in progress at the zoo allowed the animals to escape.

Animal rescuers told police that the monkeys will likely flee than attempt to fight with them.

But authorities still advised residents o keep a safe distance during an encounter and contact them immediately.

Meanwhile, animal rescuers in South Africa issued a warning for residents about a loose baboon in the neighborhood.

According to various news reports posted online, they spotted the animal wandering loose in suburbs.

The warning covers the Johannesburg area, including Emmarentia, Northcliff and the Roosevelt Park.

In one of the videos posted on Facebook, the baboon is climbing into a gated community in the said park.

Cora Bailey, founder of rescue group Community Led Animal Welfare, or CLAW, explained the behavior of the animal.

Bailey said the baboon likely left his troop when he came of age and now is searching for a new community.

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