German Police Investigate Disappearance of PHALLIC Landmark

German Police Investigate Disappearance of PHALLIC Landmark

Photo: Getty Images

A phallic-shaped sculpture has disappeared from a German mountainside, where it first mysteriously appeared.

According to television channel Fox News, local police authorities have already launched an investigation.

Cops said the almost 7-foot-tall sculpture appeared to have since been chopped down over the weekend.

The sculpture, which Goggle Maps classified as a “cultural monument,” had become a hotspot destination for hikers.

“We don’t know whether it is a criminal offense or not,” police spokesman Holger Stabik said in an interview.

Sawdust and splinters now remain on its position on the 5,702-foot-high Gruenten mountain.

Over in Morocco, officials have decided to demolish fish statues after receiving outrage and mockery on social media.

According to various reports online, the statues showed two peach-colored fish jumping into the air.

So a number of people on social media described the phallic-looking fish “pornographic.”

While others bemoaned the local government’s decision to erect the statue instead of spending money elsewhere.

“People in Kenitra and Mehdia told authorities they want reforms in the city and they bring them these statutes,” one social media user said.

As netizens continue to deliver their insults to the embarrassing display, the artist still remains unknown to the public.

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