‘Ghoulden Retriever’ Ready to Scare You This Halloween

‘Ghoulden Retriever’ Ready to Scare You This Halloween

Photo: Instagram

A dog, dubbed “”ghoulden retriever,” has been winning hearts on social media for being adorable and scary at the same time.

According to media company NDTV, a video of the popular dog has gone viral on Instagram.

The footage begins with a sign hanging from a door that reads “Beware of the dog.”

Suspenseful music then plays as the door opens to reveal the golden retriever, named Leo.

He dresses in a ghostly costume with a white bedsheet and holes cut out for his nose and eyes.

Photo: Instagram

The post has amassed thousands of views and reactions on the social media platform.

“The Golden ghostriever! Only seen in October!” wrote one Instagram user.

“Never seen such cute ghost before,” said another instant fan of the dog.

Meanwhile, a woman has created a way for her pets to look through the fence when they were at home.

The pet lover, named Erin Joyce cut six small holes in her garden fence for her two dogs.

Four of the holes are for the eyes and two for their noses to poke through.

A video of the dogs running up to look through the fence as the woman returns home has gone viral.

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