Google Map User Finds a Strange UFO near Google HQ

Google Map User Finds a Strange UFO near Google HQ

A Google Maps user found a strange discovery while searching for the location of Google Headquarters.

Reddit user ChromeXBoy said that when he looked up at the sky, he saw an unidentified flying object hovering over Google’s camera.

“I searched the Google HQ, went to Street View, looked at the sky and found this weird thing…” he said in the post. 

The photograph appeared like someone is teleporting from the ground and into the spaceship.

Photo: ChromeXBoy / Reddit

Google’s headquarters is at Mountain View in Silicon Valley, California.

However, one person commented that the UFO in the picture was “Google’s true headquarters.”

Others jokingly said that “Google is Skynet and the AI is in kindergarten stage with designing the hunter-killers.”

Meanwhile, someone concludes that the picture might be the hood of the drone’s camera.

“It is the stitching software/cameras. The zenith (a point directly above an observer) is where all the cameras overlap.”

Google Map is a real-time navigation app that offers satellite imagery, aerial photography and 360-degree street maps. 

It displays interactive panoramas stitched from photographs. The photos are from a camera car, a tricycle or a person carrying a Google Map backpack. 

Interestingly, in 2018, Google Japan offered a street view from a dog’s perspective. 

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