GOOGLE Version of the iMessage is Now Available in the US

GOOGLE Version of the iMessage is Now Available in the US

Google version of the iMessage is now available to those who use Android phones in the United States.

Google is calling this new service as “Chat”. This contains a wide range of improved tools that mirror Apple’s iMessage. For example, Android users now have read as the iMessage has. Also, an ellipsis symbol when someone is typing and the ability to send a higher resolution of photos and videos.

Google version of iMessage

Google version of Apple’s iMessage

Sanaz Ahari is Google’s product management director. He tweeted last week that users should update their message application and their carrier service. This is for them to receive new tools. Chat first launched in June to users in the UK, France, and Mexico.

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Like iMessage, Android users can disable it if they don’t want it. All messages users in the United States will be able to use Chat with any phone that has Rich Communication Services (RCS) enabled.

RCS promised for years, but carriers are dragging their feet on enabling it on their networks. So, Google decided to provide RCS directly on their servers instead of them waiting for the carriers to offer them. But this may not be seamless as Google hoped it would be.

For starters, there’s a privacy issue. Unlike iMessage, WhatsApp and Signal, RCS doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption. Google has yet to improve Chat as it just came out.