Group of 14 RACCOONS Confront Father, Son at San Francisco Park

Group of 14 RACCOONS Confront Father, Son at San Francisco Park

Photo: Twitter

A group of raccoons emerged to confront a father and son. A footage of the encounter has gone viral on social media.

According to online site HuffPost, Mark Estoque counted 14 raccoons in all, including four out of frame in the bushes.

“This is insane. It feels like end of days,” Estoque said in the video. He was out with his son in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

The raccoons spooked their dog and excited Estoque’s son, who said: “This was such a good idea!”

The father shared that a coyote suddenly appeared two minutes later.

“I was waiting for the unicorn to pop out,” said Estoque jokingly, who was left in disbelief.

Photo: Getty Images

According to San Francisco Animal Care and Control, the emboldened raccoons were likely trolling for snacks.

SFACC Executive Director Virginia Donohue explained that humans feeding them have eliminated the animals’ fear, but that needs to stop for good.

“They feed the raccoon, but if the raccoon gets to be too aggressive, eventually the parks will have to trap them, Donohue stated.

She warned that once the animals were trapped, they have to be euthanized because authorities cannot relocate them anymore.

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