Hacker Returns $600 Million CRYPTOCURRENCY Heist, Saying It Was “Part of The Plan”

Hacker Returns $600 Million CRYPTOCURRENCY Heist, Saying It Was “Part of The Plan”

The hacker behind the biggest cryptocurrency heist returned all $600 million stolen funds, saying it was “all in the plan.”

Poly Network, a finance platform, earlier reported that hackers took various cryptocurrencies.

“The amount of money you hacked is the biggest one in the defi history,” the team wrote in their notice. 

The platform connects different monetary transactions so that they can work together. 

However, the hackers exploited a vulnerability in the network’s code to transfer funds to their own accounts. 

Poly Network pleaded with the hacker and promised to grant a bounty for identifying a flow in their system.

They even invited the hacker, whom they named “Mr. White Hat,” to become their Chief Security Advisor.

“[We] extend our thanks and encourage Mr. White Hat to continue contributing to security advancement in the blockchain world,” they wrote in a statement.

However, the hacker did not accept the monetary reward.

Instead, he publicly stated that “he has considered offering it to the technical community.”

In a crypto message, the hacker said they were “quitting the show.”

“Keep calm, and this is the happy ending!” the person wrote. “I have to admit that my wild or mad behavior has led crises to your project.”

The hacker also apologized for the inconvenience.

“My actions, which are weird, are my efforts to contribute to the security in my personal style,” the hacker added. 

Meanwhile, Poly Network has no intention of holding Mr. White Hat legally responsible for the hack. 

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