HAMSTER Braves Freezing Temperature to Get to Candy Store

HAMSTER Braves Freezing Temperature to Get to Candy Store

Photo: Facebook

A hamster in Scotland escaped and braved sub-freezing temperatures to make its way to a candy store.

According to news agency United Press International, animal rescuers have launched a search for owners.

In a CCTV footage, the hamster is seen clinging to a person who entered the Poundland candy shop on New Year’s Eve.

It then jumped off the apparently unaware shopper inside the store and staff captured eventually captured it.

Animal officer Amy Stirton assured the safety of the hamster despite its journey through the streets.

“We’ve named the little adrenaline junkie Tom Cruise for now,” Stirton said in an interview.

Over in Florida, U.S., police are hunting a man who reportedly stole cat blood from a veterinary clinic.

According to various reports posted online, a surveillance camera captured the act.

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office posted pictures of the suspect on social media to ask for leads.

The man apparently walked up to the door of the Anastasia Cat Clinic then touched and inspected an Antech Diagnostics blood box.

According to authorities, the box contained four vials of cat blood, amounted to a $600 loss for the clinic.

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