Herd of Rampaging COWS in England Kills Two Men in Month

Herd of Rampaging COWS in England Kills Two Men in Month

Photo: Northumbria Territorial Police Force

A man in England has died after a rampaging herd of cows attacked him.

According to television channel Fox News, the recent death marks the country’s second such fatality in two weeks.

Police officers said the victim, named Malcolm Flynn, was walking near Thirlwall Castle and Gisland in Northumberland.

They reported that Flynn was with a companion when the cows brutally charged across the field.

Medical responders declared the 72-year-old man dead at the scene. The area is on the Pennine Way, a national trail that stretches into Scotland.

“Our thoughts are with Malcolm’s family as they come to terms with the loss of a loved one in what was a shocking and tragic incident,” police said.

Photo: Northumbria Territorial Police Force

Authorities have already spoken to a number of witnesses but are still trying to trace a number of people who can assist further.

Specialist officers, however, support Flynn’s family at the moment as the investigation into the incident continues.

Just over a week before Flynn’s death, certain Dave Clark died after cows injured him.

Investigators said the victim, who was a teacher, was walking near Richmond, North Yorkshire when the incident happened.

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