Homeowner Finds HEAD of DOLL Cemented in Basement

Homeowner Finds HEAD of DOLL Cemented in Basement

Photo: Twitter

A woman in New York, U.S. found a the head of a tiny baby doll cemented into the wall of her new home.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror, she came across the creepy sighting in her basement.

the honeowner took to Twitter to share the horrifying discovery, spooking a lot of social media users.

“My sister moved into a new house and found this in the wall of her basement,” she wrote on the tweet.

One user took time to explain what they thought it was all about, saying those are cellar babies.

“In the late 60s/early 70s it was a trend to embed doll parts in the walls of your house, including basements,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, a woman discovered a secret “creepy” room in her house just a few months after moving in.

She took to video-sharing app TikTok to share her scary discovery just in time for the Halloween season.

In the footage, the homeowner shared that her family bought the property just a few months ago.

Moments later, she finally entered the secret room and people online started to feel creeped out.

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