Homeowner Finds HIDDEN ROOM Years After Moving in

Homeowner Finds HIDDEN ROOM Years After Moving in

Homeowner Finds Hidden Room Years After Moving in
Photo: The Daily Mirror

A homeowner discovered a secret room hidden behind a wall five years after moving into the property.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror, the person took to Reddit to share a video of the discovery.

It shows two bricks in a grey stone wall of their dining room that if removed will uncover a turning lock.

The door then hinges open, perfectly disguised into the wall, to reveal a room about the size of a cupboard.

“Been living in this house for 5 years, never noticed a secret door leading to a little storage cubby,” the caption read.

The odd discovery set many viewers on edge as they compared it to something from a “nightmare.”

Photo: The Daily Mirror

While one commented to say: “Imagine opening it up and finding signs that someone has been living there.”

Another man shared the same experience after he discovered a hidden apartment in his attic.

He shared the photos taken from a seemingly abandoned and haunted house to Reddit as well.

The apartment is even lodged in the roof, complete with a bathroom and even fully functioning windows.

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