HORSE Rescued After Barn Stall Floor Gives Out

HORSE Rescued After Barn Stall Floor Gives Out

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Firefighters and animal officers rescued a horse whose hind legs fell through the floor of its barn stall.

According to news agency United Press International, the horse’s legs straddled a support beam under the floor.

The rescuers came up with a plan to place straps around the 1,600-pound horse and slide her out.

“[W]e pulled the skid mat at the same time. There was actually plenty of room for its legs,” fire crew chief Tim Sirois said.

The rescuers said Mulan suffered only minor injuries from the incident which took place in New Hampshire, United States.

The animal came back on her feet eating grass within 10 minutes of being brought outside.

Meanwhile, authorities in Michigan rescued a horse trapped in the frigid waters of an icy pond.

According to various news reports online, the pond was located on the property of the owner.

In an interview, the Allegan County Sheriff’s Office said an animal control officer responded immediately.

The personnel then requested help from the Wayland Fire Department to augment the rescue efforts.

Firemen donned rescue gear and ventured out into the pond to break up the ice and make a path for the animal.

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