Hunter of Serial Killers, is He a Hero or not?

Hunter of Serial Killers, is He a Hero or not?

This story is about a man who became a hunter of serial killers because of his cruel history. The name of that hunter is Pedro Rodriguez Filho.

Pedro is a Brazilian killer who became famous by slaughtering other killers just like himself. Investigators who have invested their energy and time on investigating his case have alluded him as an ideal sociopath.

He had a tragic past since he already encountered maltreatment before he was even born. Pedro’s dad continuously beats his pregnant mom leaving him with a harmed skull, which is critical since he was still in his mother’s womb.

The Tragic Past of the Hunter

At the age of 14, it was obvious that Pedro was not going to have a life like other children. A problem occurred when his dad was terminated from work by the vice mayor for the ground of stealing food.

Pedro brought matters into his own hand and murdered the vice mayor. He also discovered that his dad is not the real thief. From that point, he chose to find the true thief in order to murder him.

He is compelled to live away from anyone else, but he also figured out how to find love on his path with Maria Aparecida Olympia. However, she was also murdered.

These shortcomings all happened before Pedro was even 18 years old. During his eighteenth birthday celebration, he had killed ten individuals.

He spent his teenage years looking for revenge against the group who murdered the love of his life.


In addition to his anger, Pedro found out that his dad mercilessly killed his mom with a blade. That’s why he reacted by visiting his dad in jail and wounding him to death.

He even removes his dad’s heart and started to bite on it. He preceded this up by slaughtering a rapist which was being shipped to jail with him. Moreover, 47 different detainees of Brazilian prison were killed by him.

The local authorities decided that Pedro was to be kept in jail for 30 years until 2007 when he was discharged of his tragic cases of mass murder.

When he was discharged, he wasted no time in doing again his old habits. He is still encouraged to put an end to the life of Brazilian criminals who are unlucky to cross his way.