Indian man invents “SOCIAL DISTANCING” motorcycle

Indian man invents “SOCIAL DISTANCING” motorcycle

INDIAN man invents “SOCIAL DISTANCING” motorcycle
Photo: New Strait Times

COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed how people commute, especially those who are mainly using motorcycle.

To further implement social distancing among commuters, only one person is allowed for those riding motorcycles.

This became a problem for households using motorized transport going somewhere, specifically to school and to work.

However, an Indian man built a “social distancing motorcycle.” It has a one-meter gap between the rider and the passenger.

Partha Saha, 39, said he bought an old bike from a scrap dealer. And then, he removed the engine and cut the machine in two. The mechanic later affixed a rod slightly longer than a meter to connect the wheels.

He said he used his little savings to make the vehicle they will be using in the household. He believes this is a good investment as the lockdown in his town will not be lifted anytime soon.

INDIAN man invents “SOCIAL DISTANCING” motorcycle
Photo: News Strait Times

“I didn’t want her to take the school bus as it would be crowded,” said Saha, who works in a TV repair shop.

He said he was happy he can finally drive her eight-year-old daughter to any places while observing social distancing.

His battery runs on a battery power, which takes three to charge to allow him to travel for about 80 kilometers.

As of 23 June 2020, India reported 425, 282 COVID-19 cases, with already 13,699 deaths.

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