Japanese Firm Unveils Mask That TRANSLATE Languages

Japanese Firm Unveils Mask That TRANSLATE Languages

Photo: Mashable

Japanese tech company Donut Robotics has created a face mask that doubles as a translator.

According to online site Mashable, the face mask, called “C-Face” has microphones in it.

The mics send your speech to a smartphone application, which then translates it to the chosen language.

The company said the lightweight device would be beneficial to people, like doctors, who need to speak from a distance.

“Despite the coronavirus, we sometimes need to meet directly with each other,” said Taisuke Ono, CEO at Donut Robotics.

Photo: Mashable

It so far translates the Japanese language to English, Korean and more. Ono did not say, however, if it would work in reverse.

Apple were among the first companies that distributed face masks designed specifically for its employees.

Reports stated that its egineering and industrial design teams created the Apple Face Mask.

The special face mask has up to three layers that filter incoming and outgoing particles.

It also features a triangle shape on top to sit comfortably on the nose and a rounded bottom for the wearer’s chin.

Users can wash and reuse the protective gear up to five times.

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