Jealous Woman Tries to Chop Off Ex-Partner’s TESTICLES

Jealous Woman Tries to Chop Off Ex-Partner’s TESTICLES

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Spanish authorities have arrested a jealous woman for allegedly trying to cut off her ex-boyfriend’s testicles.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror, an apparent “jealous rage” triggered the suspect to do the act.

Although she failed, the man had stab wounds in several parts of his body, including his groin.

Officials rushed him immediately to a hospital in Mallorca, Spain, for urgent treatment.

Police officers in the investigation claimed that jealousy provoked the woman to attack him.

She set a trap to tempt the victim to the car-park with the express intention of wounding him.

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According to reports, the jealous suspect had seen the victim in a number of bars being “friendly” to other women.

Meanwhile, a drunk woman bit off her husband’s penis not because he cheated on her or anything else to that effect.

Authorities said he refused to get a rat out of their bedroom.

The 40-year-old claimed she became infuriated when she came home from drinks with pals to find the rat near bed.

To be able to sleep, the drunk woman ordered her husband to get rid of it. But the man refused to do so.

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