Jerry Seinfeld Jokes About Daughter Comparing to a “Baby Alligator”

Jerry Seinfeld Jokes About Daughter Comparing to a “Baby Alligator”

Jerry Seinfeld jokes about his daughter comparing her to an alligator. He is the guest for the newest episode of Spotify’s “Amy Schumer Presents: 3 Girls, 1 Keith”.

The comedian also discussed his early days in comedy, why sitcoms today are so bad. And also about the funniest thing a comedian could wear.

Let’s first talk about the alligator comment on his daughter. Seinfeld was describing the feeling of dropping his daughter to college, he compared it to a wild animal that has grown and has to be set free.

Jerry Seinfeld jokes about his daughter

The comedian said,

It’s kind of like if you found a little baby alligator and you put it in your tub, and you would think ‘Oh look at his little bitey teeth, they’re so cute’ and then some time goes by and you go ‘You know, I think we gotta get this thing the hell out of here.

Jerry Seinfeld jokes about his daughter
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He explained why he doesn’t wear a suit on his stand-up attire.

He said,

The suit is the funniest thing you can wear, the suit is the funniest outfit of all time. It’s an outfit… it just looks ridiculous. Because you [the audience] knows this guy does not need a suit

He also said, the most nervous moment in his career,

The most nervous was going on at the White House for Obama and Paul McCartney and then doing the O2 in London and the first ‘Tonight Show’.

Jerry Seinfeld also opened up about his corporate gig,

It was probably about five years ago in the room where they have the Temple of Dendur at The Met… And as the guy is up there talking, I realize ‘Oh you can’t make out ONE word’ because of the acoustics, and I had to do an hour. And I did an hour… to nothing.

He hates sitcoms he said,

Sitcoms are so bad,” he said. “It has gotten so much more difficult to chart the culture. When we did my show in the ’90s, it was so easy to make fun of things. You just knew what to do, you knew the angle you were going to take and you know it’s going to be fresh and it’s going to be funny. You know exactly where their [the audience’s] head is at. We don’t know where anybody’s head is at now.