KFC Refuses to Serve Man with HORSE and CART at Drive-Thru

KFC Refuses to Serve Man with HORSE and CART at Drive-Thru

Photo: SWNS

A traveler riding a horse and cart shared his humiliating experience after KFC refused to serve him at a drive-through.

According to British newspaper The Metro, a manager came out and told Ian Bell to leave for the health and safety of other customers.

Bell said he does not understand why becaude his horse, Jon Jon, is as “good as gold,” adding that they were around long before motor cars.

“I’d done nothing wrong. Jon Jon was behaving himself, he was quiet as a lamb – he’s a very well-behaved horse,” he explained.

Photo: SWNS

The customer described the treatment as “downright disgusting and discriminatory” against people who use horse and carts.

In response, the fast food franchise defended the manager’s decision, insisting the importance of the safety of guests.

“[W]e’re sorry for Ian and Jon Jon’s experience, but the safety of our guests is really important so we can’t allow horse drawn vehicles,” said a KFC spokesman.

The pair often travel 23 miles to Carlisle inside a car and horse box, before setting up the carriage and trotting around the streets.

“Going around in the horse and carriage is just something I like to do. It’s also good training for Jon Jon,” the man shared.

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