Kindergarten Teacher in China POISONS 25 Children; 1 Dies

Kindergarten Teacher in China POISONS 25 Children; 1 Dies

Kindergarten Teacher in China Poisons 25 Children; 1 Dies
Photo: AP

A court in China has sentenced a kindergarten teacher to death for poisoning 25 children, one of whom died.

The Daily Mail reported that Wang Yun put sodium nitrite in the food of her colleague’s students after arguing with her.

Authorities said Wang had a fallout with the fellow teacher, known by her surname Sun, over student management issues.

After eating their morning porridge, 23 children then began vomiting and fainting. School officials immediately rushed them to the hospital.

One child died earlier this year after spending 10 months in hospital while another 23 suffered minor injuries.

The local court described Wang as despicable and vicious, who accordingly deserve severe punishments for her crime.

Photo: AP

Upon investigating, Wang also tried to poison her husband in 2017 by putting sodium nitrite in his cup.

Fortunately, he only suffered minor organ injuries after drinking water immediately.

Wang’s sentence came after police in China’s Inner Mongolia have arrested three nursery teachers. They allegedly used needles to stab children.

In 2002, another killer, who was jealous of his rivals’ thriving business, poisoned 42 people in Nanjing, mostly schoolchildren, after lacing their food with pesticide.

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