Lawmaker Appears UPSIDE-DOWN in Virtual Conference

Lawmaker Appears UPSIDE-DOWN in Virtual Conference

Photo: New York Post

A congressman from Minnesota, U.S. found himself unable to turn off a Zoom filter that made him appear upside-down.

According to news agency United Press International, the lawmaker drew laughter from his colleagues.

Rep. Tom Emmer entered into a virtual meeting conference and members immediately pointed out his upside-down image.

Chairwoman Rep. Maxine Waters interrupted Emmer as he continuously talked about job security during the pandemic.

In a video of the incident, another participant in the conference call told him: “You’re upside-down, Tom.”

The representative’s colleagues then spent some time trying to help him repair the situation.

Just recently, a lawyer from Texas accidentally appeared as a cute cat during a virtual court hearing via Zoom.

According to various news reports published online, he clarified immediately that he is “not a cat.”

Rod Ponton said he had difficulties turning off a filter that turned his face into a kitten.

“I’m here live. Not a cat,” the lawyer said in a a video of the 394th Judicial District Court hearing.

Judge Roy Ferguson, who presides over the district, tweeted a clip from the video and provided an advice.

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