Lawyer Skips Court to Deliver Gifts in Convertible as SANTA

Lawyer Skips Court to Deliver Gifts in Convertible as SANTA

Photo: Reuters

A trial lawyer took a time off from his job to bring Yuletide cheer in his turquoise convertible “sleigh.”

According to Reuters, Dana Friedman started out by giving thanks to first responders after the Sept. 11 attacks.

After much brainstorming, the lawyer shared his straight-talking assistant stated the obvious.

“Well, you’re fat enough, so why don’t you get into a Santa suit,” he recalled in an interview.

Two days later, he bought a Santa suit and started making rounds in hospitals and orphanages.

His paralegals and even his own son joined in later as a six-foot tall elf and Li’l Santa, respectively.

Some companies in COVID-19-hit countrues have also started offering online meetings with Santa Claus.

According to various reports, they pre-record personalized messages and send them by post or provide online sessions.

Santa greets children from his home office with a Christmas tree and festive lights glistening in the background.

“Which child would expect Santa to appear live and calls them by their names,” said Pal Pillmayer, one of the virtual Santas.

Pillmayer added that it will be a much greater joy and happiness this year amid the global health crisis.

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