Lost Bank Deposit in Michigan RECOVERED From Roadside

Lost Bank Deposit in Michigan RECOVERED From Roadside

Photo: UPI

The owners of a butcher shop in Michigan, United States found an envelope of cash at the side of a road.

According to news agency United Press International, a bystander recovered it and returned it to the shop.

Tim Sobie, owner of Sobie Meats in Walker, Michigan, said he and his wife, Teresa, searched for the deposit bag.

They said it was supposed to be taken to the bank but could not find trace of the wayward cash.

“All our employees were looking for it all day. Just sick inside that it was misplaced somewhere,” Sobie said.

But he breathed a sigh of relief when a man came in just before closing and handed over the envelope.

Meanwhile, a 9-year-old boy from Indiana discovered $5,000 cash under the floormat of his family’s SUV.

According to various news reports posted online, his family bought the vehicle last September.

Landon Melvin found an envelope with cash inside while cleaning out the Chevrolet Suburban in Plainfield.

Landon then told his father, Michael Melvin, about the discovery, who had a difficult time believing the story.

The Melvins immediately contacted the previous owners of the SUV, a South Carolina family.

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