Lost Hard HAT Reunited With Owner After Seven Years

Lost Hard HAT Reunited With Owner After Seven Years

Photo: UPI

A man from Massachusetts, United States reunited with his lost hard hat after seven years.

According to news agency United Press International, it fell into the Atlantic Ocean in 2014.

But Conrad Roy Jr. recently received a word that his lost hat washed up 2,000 miles away to Portugal.

“I just happen to see this post and I’m like, ‘Wow, it looks like my hard hat,'” Roy told reporters.

A certain Sandra Machado said she spotted the hat’s unnatural color sticking out in the water.

“I went to pick it up and saw a helmet, and the stickers say it came from New Bedford,” Machado added.

Meanwhile, a family in Oklahoma reunited with their recently deceased mother’s Bible.

According to various news reports online, a stranger found the book while mowing his lawn.

“It rained all night so it must have just been there for a little while because it wasn’t wet, Terry Ward said.

Ward said the Bible had the name “Pearl Williams” and the year 1946 printed on it.

Ward enlisted the help of the Nicoma Park Police Department, which analyzed some documents tucked into the Bible.

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