Lost MEDALLION Found 50 Miles Away Using Metal Detector

Lost MEDALLION Found 50 Miles Away Using Metal Detector

Photo: UPI

A man over in Maryland, United States found a lost medallion using his metal detector as he searched in the sand.

According to news agency United Press International, a firefighter lost it last year about 50 miles away.

Fire Battalion Chief Donny Fletcher received the medallion as a gift from his parents when he graduated in 2005.

Fletcher decided to take off the necklace that held the medallion when he visited the Outer Banks in summer 2020.

He explained that he thought the shiny object could attract attention from sharks, so he left it with his things.

Ken Askey, a retiree who had picked up metal detecting as a hobby, contacted Fletcher this month.

Meanwhile, a professional metal detectorist in Massachusetts has helped a woman find her lost engagement ring.

According to various news reports, the ring has been in her fiancé’s family for 40 years.

“I had taken the ring off in the car to put some lotion on my hands, and I never put the ring back on,” Sarah Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald’s fiance, Greg Strattner, tapped Keith Wille, a professional metal detectorist and founder of Rediscover Lost.

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