Lost WALLET Found, Returned to Owner after 20 Years

Lost WALLET Found, Returned to Owner after 20 Years

Photo: Facebook

Authorities in Ireland have reunited a resident and his wallet lost nearly 20 years ago.

According to news agency United Press International, a concerned citizen came into a police station in Tallaght, County Dublin to report a mystery wallet he found.

“It appeared to have been buried a long time,” said the police station in a Facebook post.

They found a Visa credit card and a student identification card dated June 2001 inside the wallet.

Police were able to contact the wallet’s owner after they searched the name on the cards in their database.

The person said the item had been missing for two decades.

Photo: Facebook

Investigators described the development as a “20-year-old mystery solved in 24 hours.”

Last year, a wallet lost for over 50 years ended up with its owner’s relatives in Quebec City, Canada.

A person found the wallet at a restaurant during renovations. It belonged to a certain René Grégoire, who died long ago at 27 years old. 

Grégoire’s sister-in-law, Constance Grégoire, eventually met the co-owner of Le Continental restaurant and studied the wallet’s contents.

Grégoire likely left the wallet there during a construction work in 1967. He may have been working on that project in some capacity.

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