Lucky Man Stops for Salad, Wins $100,000 LOTTERY Jackpot

Lucky Man Stops for Salad, Wins $100,000 LOTTERY Jackpot

Photo: North Carolina Education Lottery

A man from North Carolina, U.S. won a $100,000 lottery jackpot after making a quick stop to grab a salad.

According to United Press International, Matthew Hehs decided abruptly to buy a few scratch-off tickets.

Hehs brought his salad and the tickets to his workplace and then scratched the first one.

“When I scratched the second one, I had to kinda take a step back,” the man said in an interview.

After checking thrice, it came to his senses that he just won a solid $100,000 without expecting it.

“My mom’s being released from the hospital and I told her not to worry about the bills,” Hehs shared.

He added that he will also help the local fire department, sheriff’s department and first responders.

Over in Virginia, a man craved for a chocolate shake and won a lottery jackpot worth $564,000.

According to various reports, John Morrison went to the Sheetz store in Powhatan for a chocolate shake.

While in the store, he decided to buy a ticket for that night’s Cash 5 with EZ Match drawing.

“Everybody’s been talking about this new game. You’ve got to be in it to win it,” Morrison said.

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