MACHU PICCHU Reopens after 7 Months for a Single Tourist

MACHU PICCHU Reopens after 7 Months for a Single Tourist

Photo: Japan Times

Machu Picchu, Peru’s most popular tourist destination, opened months after COVID-19 closure early this October for a single tourist.

According to a Japan Times report, the Japanese man named Jesse Katayama, 26, finally fulfilled his dream trip 7 months after the lockdown

“The first person on Earth who went to Machu Picchu since the lockdown is meeeeeee,” he said on his Instagram post last October 13.

On March 14, Katayama, a native from Osaka, Japan, arrived in Aguas Calientes, the entry point where people begin their Machu Picchu expeditions. With his excitement, he also already availed an entry ticket and permit to enter the UNESCO World Heritage site. 

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But on March 16, the Peruvian government closed the site due to COVID-19. The tourist stayed in the country since then.

Katayama did not lose hope crossing out the place in his bucketlist. He rented a small room in the town for months and became a local. He explored other local attractions such as Putucusi Mountain and the Calientes Waterfalls.

Months after his stay, a local tour company coordinated with the country’s national Ministry of Culture and asked to give permission for the tourist enter Machu Picchu – and to have the normally crowded site nearly all to himself.

The government approved the request and even provided two photographers to accompany him and document his experience.

Photo: Japan Times

The local government later on reported that the UNESCO site will soon reopen to visitors at 30% capacity.