Malaysian Kid Buys His Mom a GOLD Ring using His Birthday Money

Malaysian Kid Buys His Mom a GOLD Ring using His Birthday Money

Photo: Mashable

A Malaysian kid bought his mom a gold ring with his birthday money during an errand run with his dad, Mashable reports.

Viral Cham shared the little boy and his dad made their way to the barber shop when he chanced upon a gold shop nearby.

For instance, Afiq persuaded his dad to visit the gold shop because he wanted to get his mom a gift.

And not just any ordinary gift, the kid planned on giving her an expensive (for his age) gold ring.

As soon as they looked around the store and picked his choice, Afiq took out a “red envelope” containing US$64 (RM260).

Unknowingly, Afiq’s dad had been documenting the event for his wife on WhatsApp.

Photo: Viral Cham

The bewildered father asked the mom to feign surprise once they got home.

In fact, she didn’t want to believe what was happening at first.

But upon knowing Afiq genuinely wanted to get her a gold ring. She said it was a touching moment for her.

“I thought he was playing around, turns out he was genuine. He bought me a gold ring with his birthday money,” she posted on Facebook.

“I’m touched and extremely proud of you, Afiq. I know the size and shape of the ring but I’m sad to see the money spent this way,” she continued.

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