Man Arrested After Strapping Stolen LIGHT POLE to Car Roof

Man Arrested After Strapping Stolen LIGHT POLE to Car Roof

Photo: AP

Authorities in Florida arrested a man for strapping a light pole to the roof of his car on a highway.

According to television channel Fox News, Douglas Allen Hatley now faces charges of grand theft.

The Florida Highway Patrol reported the metal pole he hauled was nearly double the length of his vehicle.

Hatley said he found the pole on the ground along the highway and wanted to sell the metal for scrap.

The 71-year-old man explained that he did not realize know it was illegal to remove broken utility from the road.

The suspect has been arrested 48 times since 1971 on charges such as grand theft, burglary and probation violation.

The Wisconsin State Patrol recently pulled over a driver who transported a snowmobile.

According to various reports, the man strapped it to the roof of his Toyota Corolla.

The Northwest Region of the state’s Department of Transportation tweeted a photo from the scene.

“Folks, don’t try this at home. This isn’t a safe way to transport a snowmobile,” the tweet read.

The department advised drivers to safely haul any equipment secured on a trailer or in a truck.

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