Man CATFISHED by Woman Falls in Love With Her Sister

Man CATFISHED by Woman Falls in Love With Her Sister

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A woman discovered that her sister had been using her photos to catfish a man online.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror, she shared her shocking tale on Reddit.

“Four years ago my sister, Izzy, was catfishing a guy, James, with my pictures,” the woman said.

But six months after her sister confessed, the she said she ran into the man and they exchanged numbers.

Over time, they fell in love and eventually told their family about the relationship.

“Dad and Brothers are happy. I’m happy. But Izzy and Mum both flew off the handle,” the woman said.

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They are now set to get married but have decided to wait after she found out she is pregnant.

In another catfishing story, Tinder has banned a user after he posted a picture of him with a Star Wars character.

Reports said Carter Hambley, a comedian, uploaded a photo of him with Baby Yoda to his profile.

But the seemingly obviously Photoshopped image did not go down well with all of his “matches.”

One woman took offence to his use of Photoshop and called him out on Tinder for “catfishing.”

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