Man Chops APPLES While Juggling Knives for World Record

Man Chops APPLES While Juggling Knives for World Record

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Guinness World Records has given recognition to a man after chopping through 21 apples in 30 seconds.

According to news agency United Press International, David Rush did the activity while juggling three knives.

“It took years of juggling practice plus months of specific mechanics practice to master,” Rush said in an interview.

He ended with a total 21 apples chopped, enough to beat the previous record of YouTube juggler Josh Horton.

Rush has broken more than 150 Guinness records to promote science, technology, engineering and math education.

He previosuly used a samurai sword to slice through 68 grapes while standing on a balance board.

According to various reports, Rush recaptured a Guinness World Record for the said act.

Rush, who previously set the record at 57 grapes, enlisted the help of neighbor to take the record back.

He found out that someone else had sliced through 61 airborne grapes in one minute for the record.

His neighbor threw the grapes into the air with both hands while he stood on the balance board and sliced them.

That time, he has broken more than a hundred Guinness world records already.

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