Man Claims Meeting Robbie Williams on Alien SPACESHIP

Man Claims Meeting Robbie Williams on Alien SPACESHIP

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A man has claimed seeing Robbie Williams on a spaceship after aliens abducted them years ago.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror, he said the incident took place on the outskirts of Bradford.

Russ Kellett recounted driving home from a friend’s house when the extraterrestrial beings abducted him in 1999.

“I went through a tunnel and ended up in a room with tall, bald aliens,” Kellet said in an interview.

The former businessman said Williams and him on helmets were readying for a mission.

“I said ‘don’t I know you from somewhere?’ Robbie Will….?’. An alien then shouted ‘get back in line’,” he shared.

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Kellett now works on a book about the abduction which was to be titled “ET Rider” in reference to the motorbike.

Meanwhile, an instructor in a university in England believes on the idea that aliens breed with humans.

Professor Chi Young-Hae said they interbreed with humans to create a new hybrid of species.

In recent polls in America, six percent of the respondents claim they have been abducted by extraterrestrial beings.

There were also conspiracy theories that aliens use humans as incubators to spawn alien offspring.

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