Man Gets Surprised FUNERAL SERVICE on His 33rd Birthday

Man Gets Surprised FUNERAL SERVICE on His 33rd Birthday

Photo: Twitter

A man, named Eli McCann, found himself walking into his very own funeral at the celebration of his 33rd birthday.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror, the idea came from his boyfriend, Skylar Westerdahl.

Skylar decorated a friend’s house for the occasion, creating a fake casket made out of an ironing board and pillows.

He also hung up photos of Eli around the place and arranged for all of the guests to dress in black.

The boyfriend even instructed guests to ignore Eli during the so-called “funeral” to make it more realistic.

Photo: Twitter

Talking about the surprise unusual celebration, Eli said his partner’s creativity left him “speechless”.

“As soon as we walked in I saw about 15 of my friends all dressed in black pretending to softly cry,” he said.

Eli said he immediately noticed the everyone pretended they could not see or hear him.

“I just sat on one of the chairs and watched the service. It was so charming and funny and morbid,” he added.

Following the service, a regular party emerged where people stopped pretending they could not see the celebrant.

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