Man Nearly Dies Because of MASTURBATION

Man Nearly Dies Because of MASTURBATION

Man Nearly Dies Because of MASTURBATION
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A 51-year-old man in Japan almost died due to masturbation after it triggered a brain aneurysm.

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In a study published in Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases, the unnamed name masturbates multiple times everyday. One day, he experienced a subarachnoid hemorrhage after he reached orgasm during his masturbation.

The said condition is a brain aneurysm that causes blood to seep into your skull.

Fortunately, the man survived from the near-death experience and left the hospital two weeks after his admission. However, a physician said he was lucky to survive as 40% of brain aneurysm patients die.

The New York Post reported that when the man reached orgasm, he said he suddenly felt “thunderclap” headaches and severe vomiting. He then immediately rushed to the Nagoya City University Hospital.

Doctors found he had low blood pressure and brain fog, which are major symptoms for the cerebrovascular accident. They also found he had a stroke while having orgasm and suffered from potentially fatal subarachnoid hemorrhage.

The experts explained that orgasms lead to increased heart rate and blood pressure, triggering aneurysm.

Man Nearly Dies Because of MASTURBATION
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Meanwhile, the article shared this isn’t the first case to happen. In 2016, a Bronx hospital worker suffered a cardiovascular condition while masturbating to porn at work.