Man Rescued After HOURS of CLINGING to Capsized Boat

Man Rescued After HOURS of CLINGING to Capsized Boat

Photo: U.S. Coast Guard

Seamen found a man clinging to his capsized boat about 86 miles off the coast of Port Canaveral.

According to online site The Huff Post, Stuart Bee set out in his 32-foot boat but experienced mechanical issues.

Crew members on Angeles Liberian container ship got close enough to the clinging man to throw him a life ring used to pull him to a ladder.

Rather than have the Coast Guard pick him up, the 65-year-old decided to stay on board the Angeles.

Leisa Bee, who identified Bee as her uncle, reacted with great emotion to the photos of his rescue.

“I can’t stop crying. I cannot wait to see him on dry land,” Leisa said in an interview.

Over in Colombia, fishermen found a woman who went missing two years ago.

According to reports, they spotted Angelica Gaitan floating around two kilometers away from the shore of Puerto Colombia.

At first, they thought Gaitan was a piece of driftwood until she raised her hand to signal for help.

She appeared exhausted while suffering from hypothermia after staying afloat for more than eight hours.

The victim’s backstory emerged after authorities brought her to a nearby hospital.

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