Man Sells Hyper-Realistic MASKS Using Faces of Strangers

Man Sells Hyper-Realistic MASKS Using Faces of Strangers

Photo: Reuters

A Japanese retailer is creating hyper-realistic masks that model faces of strangers in three dimensions.

According to online site The Huff Post, the masks, unfortunately, won’t protect someone from the coronavirus.

They will, however, lend you the exact appearance of an unidentified Japanese adult by printing their face.

Creator Shuhei Okawara said selling faces is something that is likely to happen eventually in fantasy stories.

“[T]ere are not so many people who buy (face masks) for specific purposes. Most see them as art pieces,” Okawara added.

The masks will go on sale early next year for $950 apiece at his Tokyo shop, Kamenya Omote.

The store has become popular for products used as accessories for parties and theatrical performance.

Meanwhile, Amazon has removed Halloween masks made to look like COVID-19 from sale.

The move came after the company received complaints that they made light of the disease.

The masks in bright green and red with grinning faces was then advertised for £14.59 or around $18.

A firm, called YTFU EU, listed the “Corona Latex Horror Masks” for sale from Guangdong, China.

Rachel Power, CEO of the Patients Association, said they show a terrible lapse of judgement.

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