MCDONALD’S Releases 5G Product in China

MCDONALD’S Releases 5G Product in China

MCDONALD’S Releases 5G Product  in China
Photo: South China Morning Post

McDonald’s teased the Chinese market after releasing an ad that it will introduce a 5G product.

The teaser includes images showing a black box, along a seemingly sleek touch-screen display and a camera. It also didn’t forget to show solid specs and facial-recognition technologies.

The public got curious about the famous fast food vendor creating a 5G smart device in partnership with a Chinese technology company.

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The McDonald’s site assures a 5G experience to its customers; it even included words such as “fresh unlock” and “super wide angle.”

McDonald’s China CEO Phyllis Cheung then launched the product via Bilibili, a Chinese video sharing site. He later on officially introduced the McCrispy Chicken -a crispy fried chicken made with special spices and sauces.

The chicken includes five elements: taste, freshness, juiciness, crispy texture, and multiple sizes. 

During the livestream event, the fast food company gave away one million yuan and provided an opportunity among viewers to do live taste tests, as well as freebies given away to delivery riders and those people working late into the night.

Media outlets reported that the company took 18 months to do the risky campaign which paid off as its first day of sales “exceeded expectations.”

MCDONALD’S Releases 5G Product  in China
Photo: PC Mag SEA